So far, I have tested 3 of my Piccolo applications, and found only 1 problem in one of the 3 applications. My problem is exhibited with the release candidate 1.3 rc1, but not with our previously used snapshot r390 (circa 9/9/2008), and it also appears to be related to PSwing; a panel with 2 radio buttons is shown in the scene graph, but is noninteractive. This problem by itself wouldn't suggest to me just cause for opposing rc1, unless there is no application-side fix (rather than piccolo or pswing fix) that can resolve or workaround the problem (I don't yet know whether there is an application-side fix). However, based on cmalley's remarks below, I don't think this version should be promoted to a release, and perhaps we'll be able to isolate and resolve my issue as we are working on the related pswing issues.

Sam Reid

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PSwing appears to have some new problems, and PhET (my client) relies
heavily on PSwing.  Specifically:

(1) Visibility issues; there are nodes that should be visible and are
not, and vice-versa.
(2) Bounds issues; computing PSwing offsets for the purposes of layout
is resulting in additional whitespace.

I've observed problem (1) in 3 applications, problem (2) in 1
application, on both Windows and Mac platforms.  I've been trying to
isolate the problems in small test applications, but have been
unsuccessful so far.   I'm going to continue with that effort a little
longer, then have a look at PSwing changes.

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