Looking at PSwing in 1.3-rc1 ...

The constructor adds a ComponentAdapter that changes the visibility of
the PSwing node as the Component is shown/hidden.   Does anyone recall
the motivation for adding this?

Looking at the PSwing.setVisible override, this ComponentAdapter seems
unnecessary, perhaps even a bit dangerous.  If someone calls
setVisible directly on the Component, will this change the visibility
of the node? (The specifics of exactly when componentShow and
componentHidden are called has always eluded me.)

One of my applications is experiencing an endless circularity related
to this.  The calls look like:

setVisible true
setVisible false
setVisible true
// ... etc forever

I'm still trying to track this down, and it may be a client-code
issue.  But it wasn't an issue with earlier versions of PSwing, and
demonstrates (I think) the potential danger of this ComponentAdapter.

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