Chris wrote:

> Are release candidates created from trunk, or is there a release
> branch?
> For example... Is there a 1.3 branch, used to generate 1.3 release
> candidates? Or is each 1.3 release candidate generated from trunk?
> Since 1.3-rc1 failed, I'm trying to plan for evaluation of 1.3-rc2,
> and what type of testing we'll need to do.  Might rc2 have new
> problems, or will the only changes be fixes for rc1?  Do we need to do
> thorough testing, or just regression testing of rc1 issues?

The release checklist is at

That document is a work in progress though, since the 1.3 release will
the first one handled start-to-finish by the Piccolo2D community.

To answer your questions, 1.3-rc2 will be generated from trunk and svn
copied to a release tag tags/release-1.3-rc2.

The only differences between 1.3-rc1 and 1.3-rc2 will be fixes for
Verified issues 158, 159, and 160 and some updates to the release

I need to leave issue 146 open in case changes need to be made to the
poms for uploading to maven central.  Issue 126 is still in Fixed
status and should be Verified by a developer other than me.


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