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New issue 171 by Move 1.x development to a branch and move 2.0 to trunk

As part of the 1.3 release, which will be made on trunk, a release branch
branches/release-1.3 will be created in subversion.

I propose we should do the following:

On branches/release-1.3, update the version in the maven poms to
1.4-SNAPSHOT.  This will allow 1.3.x releases if any and the 1.4 release to
occur on this branch.

On trunk, update the version in the maven poms to 2.0-SNAPSHOT.  Then,
using remote subversion moves, refactor the package structure from
edu.umd.cs.piccolo to org.piccolo2d (see Issue 37).  These moves should
retain all the revision history for each file.

After the package refactoring, branch/2.0-spike can be merged to trunk.
Care needs to be taken that revision history is retained during this merge.

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