Samuel Robert Reid <> wrote:

> My collaborator cmalley & I have made several updates and improvements to
> PSwing and PSwingRepaintManager based on the 1.3 release (see attached
> files).  These changes fix the dynamic PSwing problems discussed in issue
> 163 and also make minor improvements with respect to work scheduling,
> performance, readability and documentation.  We also have planned to work
> more on PSwing and its related classes, but we may not get to it for several
> months, so I wanted to discuss our current status and proposed integration
> with piccolo.


> Here are my thoughts:
> 1. The modified files should be reviewed and tested by at least one other
> piccolo developer.


> 2. The new files should be added to the 1.3 branch of piccolo in SVN

The actual branch would be

> 3. A new public release of piccolo should be made with these changes (say,
> 1.3.1 or 1.3.0_01, or whatever the naming convention is); we may want to
> bunch this up with other changes, if any other patches or fixes for 1.3 are
> planned


> 4. The changes should be integrated with piccolo2d svn trunk (which may
> already be headed toward 1.4 or 2.0)

+1, the release-1.3 branch is currently version 1.4-SNAPSHOT, the
trunk 2.0-SNAPSHOT.

> Until now, we’ve been working on our own snapshot of piccolo; this makes it
> difficult for you to see each commit and full change history.  Maybe it
> would be better for us to switch to using a checkout of
> so that we can make fine grained changes
> directly on the piccolo2d repository without risking errant behavior in
> or in a release.  However, the reason we haven’t done
> this so far is that it would entail nontrivial changes to our workflow for
> all our developers.  On the other hand, it would be possible for you to
> check out our open source code to view history changes, if you are
> interested.  Let me know if you think this process of us contributing files
> with many batches of changes is problematic.

Ideally you would be able to build off a release version pulled in
from maven central and submit patches as soon as they are necessary.
Now that we have the release process somewhat figured out, it should
be pretty painless to put out new dot/bugfix releases on short time

I don't even do that myself though (I run against 2.0-SNAPSHOT built
from source), so I understand if you need to do things differently.


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