Comment #4 on issue 184 by lionel.victor: visual artifacts when rendering (node disapearance, ghosts, etc)

Sorry about the duplicate. I searched for "ghost", "cheese", rendering, etc... I should have spotted it...

In Issue 180 you say that Issue 184 (this issue) may be related to Piccolo "not accounting for antialiasing in computing PNode bounds". I have taken the liberty to attach another screenshot taken with the same modifications above to the sample code. I juste changed the offset to "double speed = 6.0d;" so the node offsets faster... As you can see, the remaining chuncks are pretty large... not sure it just leaves the antialiasing marks... it really lokks like it istn't cleaned at all. ?? strange...

Further more, I insist on the fact that the code offsets forever while in the screenshot I've just added, we can clearly see that the moving node just disapears without trace when the offset >= 282 ??? Which is indeed even stranger... Maybe... There are two bugs in one here... One could be a dupplicate of Issue 180, I'm not sure for the other ...

The same sample code linked with Piccolo1.2 from the university of maryland works as expected on the same platform... so I do not know if it is related to java6 or to the 64 bits linux host.

hope it helps.

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