Hi, all...

Very excited to join the project.

Professionally, I've been on the Java web stack for over five or six
years now, on a large range of products/technologies. Earlier this
year, I came across Piccolo2D and used it to create an interesting
visualization/navigation of user-generated content for an "innovation
day" at work. (We don't have the Googler's luxury of 20% time, but
they give us a few days in the year to play around.)

Since then, in my time away from work, I've been evolving a desktop
application that employs P2D to visualize running programs in a JVM.
Hopefully I will have some fun stuff to demo in the coming year. Am
relatively new to Swing/Java2D, I found Filthy Rich Clients by Haase/
Guy to be a pretty good introduction to this platform. Any other

Anyway, I look forward to helping Piccolo2D stay a growing and active
project. Thanks for inviting me as a committer.


On Oct 25, 9:26 pm, Michael Heuer <heue...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I would like to welcome Aaron Dixon to the Piccolo2D project as a committer.
> He has been active on the piccolo2d-user mailing list and has written
> some nice examples in his github repository at
> http://github.com/atdixon/piccolo2d-examples
> +1 votes:
> Michael Heuer
> Chris Malley
> Sam Reid
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> none
>    michael

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