Comment #8 on issue 206 by SWTGraphics2D keeps invalid caches

I am able to reproduce this in release-1.3 and trunk (pre-patch) if I run the test in solitude:

mvn test -Dtest=SWTGraphics2DTest

I noticed that if I run the full swt test suite in trunk, the SWTGraphics2DTest runs first, but if I run the sweet in branch, it runs last. Since this defect is sensitive to reference counting via SWTGraphics2D.decrementGCCount(), I believe the other tests are not leaving SWTGraphics2D.CACHE_COUNT == 0, and therefore no resources are getting disposed when SWTGraphics2DTest runs--and consequently the test is succeeding.

Michael, I'll go ahead and apply the fix to release-1.3.1 now.

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