Comment #3 on issue 191 by Disabling FRACTIONAL_METRICS on Windows yields incorrect bounds for text PSwing components


There are some system properties on OSX that might affect how text is rendered and how this rendering hint is applied:

Determines whether hardware acceleration is used to speed up rendering of simple primitives like images, lines, rects, and simple characters. In addition to using this flag, you need to enable Quartz 2D acceleration in the Quartz Debug application, included with the Xcode Developer Tools for Mac OS X.

This is strictly a developer option. Java applications intended for use on Mac OS X should not rely on the presence of Quartz 2D acceleration.

    The default value is false.

Determines whether Apple’s Quartz renderer is used instead of Sun’s 2D renderer.

    The default value is true for J2SE 5.0 and false for Java SE 6.

Thus the OS check might not be sufficient.

See also Issue 117 which documents my frustration with Piccolo2D text rendering in general.

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