Comment #7 on issue 117 by Text rendering in PText and JLabel via PSwing appear not to respect antialiasing rendering hints

Further analysis:

Swing text rendering is dependent on operating system and installed Look and Feel. See jlabel-*, pswing-*, jtextcomponent-*, and phtmlview-* in the text rendering benchmark.

Java2D text rendering using Graphics2D.drawSwing respects LCD_* text rendering hints of the current graphics context on all platforms. See java2d-* in the text rendering benchmark.

PText text rendering using java.awt.font.TextLayout.draw() ignores any text rendering hints specified in the current graphics context. See ptext-* in the text rendering benchmark.

TextLayout receives its text rendering hints from PPaintContext.RENDER_QUALITY_HIGH_FRC passed to a java.awt.font.LineBreakMeasurer ctr.

RENDER_QUALITY_HIGH_FRC is currently implemented as new FontRenderContext(null, true, true),%20boolean,%20boolean)

It is not possible to modify the text rendering hints supplied to TextLayout or LineBreakMeasurer after they have been constructed.

The javadoc for FontRenderContext reads

Typically, instances of FontRenderContext are obtained from a Graphics2D object. A FontRenderContext which is directly constructed will most likely not represent any actual graphics device, and may lead to unexpected or incorrect results.

Incorrect results such as the poorly anti-aliased text shown in the text rendering benchmark.

Looking forward, I see a few options

1) Attempt to instantiate a "better" FontRenderContext for PPaintContext.RENDER_QUALITY_HIGH_FRC.

2) Re-implement PText to create a new instance of TextLayout with the current text rendering hints from the graphics context every time PText.paintText is called.

3) Re-implement PText to use the instance of TextLayout created with PPaintContext.RENDER_QUALITY_HIGH_FRC only for layout purposes and render the text in PText.paintText with Graphics2D.drawString.

4) Re-implement PText with the same pattern as PHtmlView, delegating text rendering to a JLabel.

There are pros and cons to each, thought I should post this analysis and await comment before proceeding.

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