from going through the archives it seems that all attempts to revive
the .net branch have died at some point. anyway, here is another:

my particular interest is in getting piccolo to run on mono/linux and
i am quite happy with my findings so far:
- on win7 using mono 2.10.1 all PiccoloFeature examples run without
any troubles
- on ubuntu 10.10 using mono 2.11 and monodevelop 2.6 (beta1) the
projects for Piccolo and PiccoloX from svn didn't open but were easily
recreated and sources then compiled as is without any complaints
- from what i can tell PiccoloFeatures examples all run as expected
with mostly 2 problems as best shown by:
1) SelectionExample: clearly shows a problem with selecting the
individual quads and moving them around
2) ClipExample: shows some clipping troubles, specially when the
canvas is zoomed

i was able to track both problems down and kind of fix/workaround
ad 1)
fixable by (in PPath.cs z500) replacing:
also i changed similar occurences of Intersect() using a GraphicsPath
as parameter (which is a problem obviously) in:
PUtil.cs z299
PClip.cs z114

ad 2)
in PCamera.cs if i outcomment z269 and z376 the main clipping issues
are gone. still minor problems are visible with the inner rectangle
not being entirely accurately clipped by the circle (which is fine for
now for my use). while this obviously is no fix probably someone with
more understanding can probably dig further from there.

while i think issue 1 could probably simply committed to svn, issue 2
would need some more investigation by someone who understands whats
going on there.

running http://www.mono-project.com/MoMA on the PiccoloFeatures.exe it
complains mainly about libgdiplus stuff that seems to be responsible
for the troubles mentioned (and others i haven't yet come accross):
 GdipWidenPath isn't implemented in libgdiplus

which seems to be used by indirectly piccolos:
 void InternalUpdateBounds (Single, Single, Single, Single)
 void SetTempRegion (GraphicsPath, PMatrix, bool)
 void UpdateBoundsFromPath ()

hope someone can make something of my findings. would be great to get
those buggers fixed.
thanks for listening,

btw. is there an irc channel for piccolo?

Piccolo2D Developers Group: http://groups.google.com/group/piccolo2d-dev?hl=en

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