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Comment #5 on issue 188 by atdi...@gmail.com: wrong line width when drawing general shapes under SWT

First thing to note is that this issue (pre-fix) only manifest itself for on Windows (not Mac OSX or Ubuntu).

Second note is that adding 0.5 does not seem to be necessary. Just setting the line width is sufficient:

    public void drawPath(final Path p) {
        gc.setLineWidth((int) lineWidth); // no need to + 0.5 here

According to SWT's Javadoc for setLineWidth():

"Note that line width of zero is used as a hint to indicate that the fastest possible line drawing algorithms should be used. This means that the output may be different from line width one."

I believe we are getting this effective behavior by not setting lineWidth, and the correct fix is to set the line width, without adding the 0.5.

Moving out of Fixed state.

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