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New issue 211 by Consider using Sonatype oss-parent-7.pom as the parent of parent/pom.xml

Per the docs at

it is recommended to use Sonatype's oss-parent-7.pom as the parent pom for projects that are synced to the maven central repository through Sonatype's Nexus (which we are).

That parent pom

includes repository definitions, a maven-enforcer-plugin configuration that prevents building releases from maven versions 2.1.0 or 2.2.0, maven-release-plugin configuration, and a build profile that creates -source and -javadoc jar artifacts when activated.

I'm wary of doing this, and of using the maven-release-plugin to build our plugins, since I have had trouble with that plugin in the past. I'm not very comfortable with a script committing to subversion either.

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