Comment #2 on issue 216 by Create location for custom build/release scripts

It might be possible with a combination of release profiles and assembly descriptors to generate what we need with the maven release plugin. The assembly and release plugins have improved since the time of our 1.3 release. just calls the standalone Clirr jar

java -jar ~/bin/clirr-core-0.6-uber.jar "$@"

It blows up on extras, so I didn't configure it into the maven site build

$ -o piccolo2d-extras-1.3.jar -ocp ../core/piccolo2d-core-1.3.jar -n target/piccolo2d-extras-1.4-SNAPSHOT.jar -ncp ../core/target/piccolo2d-
Unable to complete checks:Unable to locate enclosing class edu.umd.cs.piccolox.event.PStyledTextEventHandler$2 for nested class edu.umd.cs.piccolox.event.PStyledTextEventHandler$2$1

We might also want to add JDiff, though that might need to be run as a separate script too, see

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