Hello Kenneth,

Great to see your interest in an Android port -- we met at JavaOne a
few years back.  I would like to help where I can.

I can think of a bunch of structural questions right off the bat

On 1.3-branch, trunk (2.0), or both?  Will this build as a module in
the current maven build, or does it need to be its own project?  What
should the maven module and package name be?

and on how we might proceed

Do you want to send patches and have a developer commit them?  Or
commit to a git mirror and have a developer apply pull requests back
to subversion?  Or would you like developer access to the Piccolo2D

My motivation is to have Piccolo2D on Android work with Processing on
Android.  That may complicate things a bit.




There are also some things I like about the Android APIs that might be
nice to back-port functionality-wise to Piccolo2D.java proper, e.g.
the animation package.


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