Ramon Santiago wrote:

> So I basically have all the demos and tests working with a snapshot of
> trunk. I did an Eclipse clean on it and ran Sonar against it and cleaned up
> almost all the warnings.
> How can I contribute this back?

Hello Ramon,

Last time around there was opposition to moving to JDK6 as the minimum
JDK requirement for piccolo2d, even on svn trunk (version
2.0-SNAPSHOT).  As such, there is a separate JDK6-only module on trunk
that is not part of the standard build.


http://code.google.com/p/piccolo2d/issues/detail?id=190  (and related
issues 152 and 153)

You may submit a patch either to the mailing list (or preferably) to
the issue tracker.  Though I imagine if there is a lot of source
cleanup/refactoring, it might be difficult to get the patch applied.

Thanks in advance for your contribution, the push towards 2.0 has been
stalled for quite a while and could use a kick in the pants.


Piccolo2D Developers Group: http://groups.google.com/group/piccolo2d-dev?hl=en

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