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New issue 227 by PCanvas.setCamera() sets new Camera's bounds to Canvas bounds

Consider this code that replaces the camera on a PCanvas:

PCanvas canvas = new PCanvas();
PCamera camera = PUtil.createBasicScenegraph();
canvas.setCamera(camera); //*
canvas.setPanEventHandler(new PPanEventHandler());
canvas.setZoomEventHandler(new PZoomEventHandler());

The new camera's bounds are set by the PCanvas.setCamera() method to be the bounds of the PCanvas. If PCanvas is a component of some JComponent, J, it may have bounds with (x,y) not equal to (0,0) (if J's layout manager repositions it.)

This seems to be undesirable behavior. (In a simple scenegraph the side effect is that after replacing the camera the camera renders the layer starting at some offset (whatever the PCanvas's (x,y) offset is)).

It seems that PCanvas.setCamera() should the camera's bounds to be (0,0,canvas.width,canvas.height).

(Easy workaround: just set the camera's bounds yourself after replacing the camera.)

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