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New issue 233 by adding PHandle

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After Adding PHandle to a pNode as a child and after applying PDragEventHandler the anchor point is moving too fast.It should not move that fast.What should i do to slow down it?

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windows xp

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PPath circle = PPath.createEllipse((float) (pointOne.getX() + pointTwo.getX()) / 2,
                (float) (pointOne.getY() + pointTwo.getY()) / 2, 7, 7);

final PLocator circleLocator = new PLocator() {
            public double locateX() {
                return circle.getFullBoundsReference().getCenter2D().getX();

            public double locateY() {
                return circle.getFullBoundsReference().getCenter2D().getX();

         PHandle pHandle = new PHandle(circleLocator);

        pHandle.addInputEventListener(new PDragEventHandler());

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