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Labels: Priority-Medium Type-Defect Toolkit-Piccolo2D.Java Component-Extras

New issue 234 by Invisible PClips are reported to be picked by InputEventHandler

I noted in Issue 113, we added a guard in PNode.fullPick() to only proceed if the node is visible. PClip duplicates PNode.fullPick() to support the clipping behavior.

The easy workaround is to override PClip and reintroduce the guard, but I wanted to get this out as an minor issue, b/c it the changed behavior threw me when I converted a PNode to a PClip.

Should we make PClip behave like PNode in this regard? Should we introduce a protected method in PNode so that PClip doesn't have to override the entire PNode's fullPaint() method just to change one line? I recommend we do something like this in next major version of Piccolo (don't want to change PClip's behavior for a minor version).

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