rsksmiles wrote:

> Hello and happy new year to one and all.
> Just had a visit from a colleague who wants to include part of my
> piccolo2d application in an eclipse rcp based application. As eclipse
> rcp is swt/jface based I need to have an idea of how much work is
> involved in porting to swt.

My experience with piccolo2d-swt has been only enough to get the
examples working.  The basic building blocks are there, but note that
the swt package is more of a parallel implementation, not an
extension.  For example PSWTText extends PNode but not PText.

There is an open issue with patches to SWT that unfortunately I have
been slow to apply

Provide advanced graphical options under SWT

and another SWT issue that no one has been able to look at yet

PSWTText not respecting bounds.x and bounds.y in painting

> My swing app uses a PSwingCanvas and a little bit of drag and drop. Is
> it a non-trivial task to migrate to the swt version?  I wonder whether
> I can just reuse code as is in the swingcanvas and "embed" the swing
> component. Heard this is possible but not seen it done.

I don't know if this would be possible.

> Is there a list of what is available in the different version of
> piccolo2d: swt and swing?

Not that I know of, sorry.


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