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New issue 235 by PSwingEventHandler doesn't dispatch events to nodes at extreme scales

User John Marteens reported an error where a Swing component (within a PSwing) does not get mouse events when that component is within a node lineage that has extreme scale transforms.

For example, if a PSwing is within a parent node with scale = 0.001, events are not fired for the component. (I've reproduced this particular case on Win7/64bit Java).

John provided a suggested patch that fixes his particular case:

=== PSwingEventHandler ===
if (currentNode instanceof PSwing && pickedNode.isDescendentOf(canvas.getRoot())) {

           final PSwing swing = (PSwing) currentNode;
           final PNode grabNode = pickedNode;

           point = new Point(mEvent.getX(), mEvent.getY());
//jmes 20111230 replaced
// cameraToLocal(pSwingMouseEvent.getPath().getTopCamera(), point, grabNode); Point2D.Double pt2D = new Point2D.Double(mEvent.getX(), mEvent.getY()); cameraToLocal(pSwingMouseEvent.getPath().getTopCamera(), pt2D, grabNode);
//jmes 20111230 end replaced
           prevPoint = (Point) point.clone();
=== END ===

Essentially, the integer Point object does not survive the cameraToLocal math. John found that using a Point2D.Double fixes his particular problem.

Does anyone see anything wrong with his solution?

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