Comment #9 on issue 207 by Horizontal scrolling causes an exception

I ran into this unexpectedly on linux with a mouse that had buttons 4-5 mismapped as 6-7 when testing issue 236.

I also wanted to forward this note I received from an AWT engineer:

"[H]orizontal scrolling is indeed a problem in AWT/Swing. We don't have public API for that (but we do for vertical/wheel events). It can be introduced in JDK8, but given the current status of AWT and Swing, I don't think it makes much sense.

However, some of the Swing controls (e.g. JScrollPane) support horizontal scrolling emulation. When mouse wheel is rotated with Shift being pressed, horizontal scrolling takes place. In Mac OS X Port, we translated native horizontal events (e.g. from MacBook/Pro touchpad) into Shift+MouseWheel, so it should also work."

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