Can you clarify your problem a little bit more? Some (short snippets
of) code might help.

How are you picking the nodes along the line of sight? Are you using
Piccolo intersects() methods or doing something else?


On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 10:07 AM, Robert Kovacs <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> first off the problem I have is not caused by a bug with Piccolo2d. It is
> related to a game that I am writing using Piccolo 2d.
> Let me explain:
> 1. I have a map board made up of hexagons  - each hexagon being a PPath with
> additional child PPaths for the terrain within the hexagon.
> 2. I need to verify a Line Of Sight between hexagons. To do this I am taking
> the centre point of the from and to hexagons and using a line calculation
> algorithm picking the nodes in between.
> This works fine with PPath nodes as the picking works a dream.
> The problem comes when I add an image, for a building. The picking works
> fine if the PImage is rectangular and is not rotated. However I do have non
> rectangular buildings which are rotated. This means that the picking will
> pick the building PImage when there is no building at that actual point.
> I have implemented a halfway solution whereby I create a BufferedImage of
> the view and trace a line from start to end point. As the building images
> are transparent me getPixel function checks for non transparent colours and
> reports an obstacle.
> - This sort of works ok but has been a right muddle to implement due to
> transposing the start and end points on the screen to the BufferedImage.
> - Also this only works when checking the LOS of the on screen visible
> portion of the map.
> What I was wondering was .... has anyone got any ideas/ suggestions?
> I have thought of creating a PPath around the building and using that when
> picking making the image layer invisible at the moment of picking - Are
> there any other ideas??
> Thanks
> Rob
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