Evan Williams <e...@my-technicolour-dreams.com> wrote:

> The C# project I'm currently working on requires functionality found in the
> PStyledText class currently only found in the Java implementation. As such,
> I plan on porting the class over. Are there any existing development efforts
> in this area I should know about? Alternatively, is the reason it has not
> been ported thus far that there is a better way of achieving the same ends
> in .NET?

Hello Evan,

Unfortunately as far as I know there aren't currently any Piccolo2D
committers familiar enough with C# to help with that side of things.
In fact, the Piccolo2D.NET and PocketPiccolo2D.NET codebases have been
very quiet ever since the move to project hosting at Google Code.

Here are a list of open issues against Piccolo2D.NET that aren't being addressed


If you don't get any help here at piccolo2d-dev@, you may want to try


Piccolo2D Developers Group: http://groups.google.com/group/piccolo2d-dev?hl=en

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