Comment #2 on issue 245 by SWTGraphics2D.fill wrong color used

Thanks for the answer. The problem seems to not occur when PSWTPath instead of PPath is used. Just tested it in my application. The difference seems to be that PSWTPath calls setBackground instead of setColor.

I will use PSWTPath now instead of PPath. Should the bug with PPath still be fixed?

I'm currently only evaluating Piccolo for my project. If I decide to use it, I will probably create some patches regarding SWT. I see some more problems, for example the SHAPE_CACHE in SWTGraphics2D. It gets filled up and only gets cleared when the last SWTGraphics2D object is disposed. This will get problematic when changing PPath/PSWTPath object are used because after every change to the path object, it gets reinserted without removing the old one. Or probably I've overseen something?

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