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Date:     Tue Nov 26 17:43:39 2013 UTC
Log:      minor edit


--- /wiki/ Tue Nov 26 17:40:44 2013 UTC
+++ /wiki/ Tue Nov 26 17:43:39 2013 UTC
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
 $ java -jar target/piccolo2d-examples-1.3.2-rc1-jar-with-dependencies.jar
* _Note: The maven assembly plugin is deprecating (see [ here]) all goals (including assembly:assembly) except for assembly:single. However, mvn assembly:single currently fails to correctly build the assembly; likely having something to do with [ this Maven ticket]. The workaround is to use run the clean and package phase at the same time as assembly:single (i.e., {{{mvn clean package assembly:single"}}}) or use mvn assembly:assembly so long as it is still available._
-    # Verify that the SWT examples run with jdk 1.4+ on all platforms
+ # Verify that the SWT examples run with the specified jdk version on all platforms
 $ cd ../swt-examples
 $ mvn assembly:assembly

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