Piccolo2D.Java version 3.0-beta1-rc2 has been released and will be
synced to the Maven Central repository shortly.


Major changes:

The minimum JDK version is now 1.6.

JDK 1.6-only modules jdk16 and jdk16-examples have been merged to core
and examples respectively.

Piccolo2D.Java version 3.0 is _not_ binary compatible with version
1.3.x or version 2.x.

Fixed and verified issues:

166     Refactor PNode.moveToBack() and related
190     Move to version 1.6 as minimum JDK requirement for piccolo-core
252     Merge build-related changes from trunk to branches/3.0-spike

If no problems are found with -rc2 in the next week a proper 3.0-beta1
release will be made.

On behalf of the Piccolo2D developers,


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