Piccolo2D.Java version 2.0 has been released and will be synced to the
Maven Central repository shortly.


Major changes:

The root package name for Piccolo2D.Java is now org.piccolo2d to match
the project domain name.

The minimum JDK version is now 1.5.

JDK 1.6-only code has been added to new modules jdk16 and jdk16-examples.

Piccolo2D.Java version 2.0 is _not_ binary compatible with version 1.3.x.

Fixed and verified issues:

33      PSwing components not visible in testing frameworks
37      change namespaces to piccolo2d,
86      inconsistencies of position method in PNode
135     Constants are not constant in the core.
136     PNotificationCenter is a singleton but isn't declared as final
152     Refactor PPath to use Path2D on JDK 1.6+
153     PArea, a wrapper for java.awt.geom.Area to allow Constructive
Area Geometry (CAG) operations
172     Add getRoot method to POffscreenCanvas
177     When deleting a selected node using the keyboard <DEL> a
selection change is not fired
180     Drawing tears when dragging or resizing path nodes
186     Create a new package org.piccolo2d.examples.bugs or .issues
236     Add zoom event handler that responds to mouse wheel events
251     Merge build-related changes from release-1.3 branch to trunk

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