Now that version 3.0 has been released, I was able to release several
Piccolo2D.Java related libraries to the Maven Central repository.|ga|1|g%3A%22org.dishevelled%22

I have used these in various data visualization applications over the
years (including the game engine-inspired ones).

Piccolo2D easing activities and supporting classes.

Piccolo2D views for event lists.

Piccolo2D nodes for identifiable beans.

Piccolo2D particle system physics integration.

Piccolo2D ribbon nodes and supporting classes.

Piccolo2D sprite nodes and supporting classes.

Piccolo2D state machine sprite and supporting classes.

Piccolo2D tile map nodes and supporting classes.

Piccolo2D venn diagram nodes and supporting classes.

The last one for example is used in this Venn and Euler diagram app
for Cytoscape

(in an odd twist of dependencies, early versions of Cytoscape itself
were built on Piccolo)


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