After some discussions in IRC yesterday, I think it is a good idea to
simply use as an archiver for this mailing

Does anybody have experiences with that service? Or objections?

I'm planning to put this list public at the end of this month. So, if
OK, I will also register mail-archive at that time. Until then, we
should test the system, and possibly improve it. The source code for the
list server is included in the picoLisp release from now on, and I'll
also attach the latest version to this mail (in case anybody cares).

- Alex
#!bin/picolisp lib.l
# 13mar08abu
# (c) Software Lab. Alexander Burger

# Configuration
   *MailingList ""
   *SpoolFile "/var/spool/mail/picolisp"
   *MailingDomain ""
   *Mailings (in "Mailings" (read))
   *SmtpHost "localhost"
   *SmtpPort 25 )

# Process mails
   (when (gt0 (car (info *SpoolFile)))
         (in *SpoolFile
            (unless (= "From" (till " " T))
               (quit "Bad mbox file") )
            (while (setq *From (lowc (till " " T)))
                  *Name *Subject *Date *MessageID *InReplyTo *MimeVersion
                  *ContentType *ContentDisposition *UserAgent )
               (while (split (line) " ")
                  (setq *Line (glue " " (cdr @)))
                  (case (pack (car @))
                     ("From:" (setq *Name *Line))
                     ("Subject:" (setq *Subject *Line))
                     ("Date:" (setq *Date *Line))
                     ("Message-ID:" (setq *MessageID *Line))
                     ("In-Reply-To:" (setq *InReplyTo *Line))
                     ("MIME-Version:" (setq *MimeVersion *Line))
                     ("Content-Type:" (setq *ContentType *Line))
                     ("Content-Disposition:" (setq *ContentDisposition *Line))
                     ("User-Agent:" (setq *UserAgent *Line)) ) )
               (if (nor (member *From *Mailings) (= "subscribe" (lowc 
                  (out "/dev/null" (echo "^JFrom ") (msg *From " discarded"))
                  (unless (setq *Sock (connect *SmtpHost *SmtpPort))
                     (quit "Can't connect to SMTP server") )
                        (pre? "220 " (in *Sock (line T)))
                        (out *Sock (prinl "HELO " *MailingDomain "^M"))
                        (pre? "250 " (in *Sock (line T)))
                        (out *Sock (prinl "MAIL FROM:" *MailingList "^M"))
                        (pre? "250 " (in *Sock (line T))) )
                     (quit "Can't HELO") )
                  (when (= "subscribe" (lowc *Subject))
                     (push1 '*Mailings *From)
                     (out "Mailings" (println *Mailings)) )
                  (for To *Mailings
                     (out *Sock (prinl "RCPT TO:" To "^M"))
                     (unless (pre? "250 " (in *Sock (line T)))
                        (msg T " can't mail") ) )
                  (when (and (out *Sock (prinl "DATA^M")) (pre? "354 " (in 
*Sock (line T))))
                     (out *Sock
                        (prinl "From: " *MailingList "^M")
                        (prinl "To: " *MailingList "^M")
                        (prinl "Subject: "
                              (if (match '(@S " " "[" @F "]") (chop *Subject)) 
@S *Subject)
                              " [" (or *Name *From) "]^M" ) )
                        (and *Date (prinl "Date: " @ "^M"))
                        (and *MessageID (prinl "Message-ID: " @ "^M"))
                        (and *InReplyTo (prinl "In-Reply-To: " @ "^M"))
                        (and *MimeVersion (prinl "MIME-Version: " @ "^M"))
                        (and *ContentType (prinl "Content-Type: " @ "^M"))
                        (and *ContentDisposition (prinl "Content-Disposition: " 
@ "^M"))
                        (and *UserAgent (prinl "User-Agent: " @ "^M"))
                           ((= "subscribe" (lowc *Subject))
                              (prinl "Hello " (or *Name *From) " :-)^M")
                              (prinl "You are now subscribed^M")
                              (prinl "****^M^J^M") )
                           ((= "unsubscribe" (lowc *Subject))
                              (out "Mailings"
                                 (println (del *From '*Mailings)) )
                              (prinl "Good bye " (or *Name *From) " :-(^M")
                              (prinl "You are now unsubscribed^M")
                              (prinl "****^M^J^M") ) )
                        (echo "^JFrom ")
                        (prinl ".^M")
                        (prinl "QUIT^M") ) )
                  (close *Sock) ) ) )
         (out *SpoolFile (rewind)) ) )
   (call "fetchmail" "-as")
   (wait `(* 5 60 1000)) )

# vi:et:ts=3:sw=3

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