Hi Mansur,

as Randall already posted your question in IRC (display all objects of
+Order class in a table, possibly without using pilog)

   (class +Order +Entity)
   (rel num      (+Need +Key +Number))             #íîìåð çàêàçà
   (rel cdate    (+Ref +Date))                     #Äàòà 
   (rel ctime    (+Ref +Time))                     #Âðåìÿ 

If there are not too many items, you can use 'collect', and thus don't
need to use pilog:

   (gui '(+Upd +Chart) '(collect 'num '+Ord) 3
      '((This) (list This (: cdate) (: ctime))) )
   (<table> NIL "Orders" NIL
      (do 8
         (<row> NIL
            (gui 1 '(+ObjView +NumField) '(: num))
            (gui 2 '(+DateField))
            (gui 3 '(+TimeField)) ) ) )
   (scroll 8)

If there are too many, however, so that you don't want to load them all, you
must use a +QueryChart (with Pilog).

Does this help?

- Alex

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