On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 03:33:12PM +0200, Jon Kleiser wrote:
>    (setq X (new '(+A +B)))
> .. is it possible later to include the class +C among the classes +A 
> and +B for this object X? If yes, how?

If you want it as an additional prefix class, you can simply do

   (push X '+C)

This will result in (+C +A +B) as the classes of X.

To put it in the end, you might do it destructively

   (set X (conc (val X) '(+C)))

resulting in (+A +B +C)

> And if I wanted this object X to have a new unique method m>, how 
> could that be arranged?

   (push X
      '(m> ()
         (foo) (bar) ) )

or (it depends on the taste whether this is more elegant)

   (let *Class X
      (dm m> () (foo)) )

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