Hi Jon,

> the 'length' function, I've written a new function 'longer' that 
> works OK, like this:
> # Returns N+1 if Lst is longer than N, otherwise NIL
> (de longer (Lst N)
>       (for (I . X) Lst
>               (T (> I N) I)
>               NIL) )

Yep, this is a good solution.

> [rcsim/lib.l:42] !? (MUL X VX)
> MUL -- Undefined
> ?                          
> I guess the trouble could be the backquotes in this line:
> (+ `(MUL X VX) `(MUL Y VY))

Exact. The function 'MUL' is defined before that, but as you just read
the file (without executing it), it will be undefined when you hit that
read macro.

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