Hi Jon,

> : (locale "NO")
> !? (load (if (setq *Ctry Ctry) (pack "@loc/" @) "@loc/NIL"))
> loc/NO open: No such file or directory
> Does Pico Lisp have an error handling mechanism that can handle 
> errors like this?

Unfortunately, not after they occurred, in the sense of catching them

Wouldn't a check like

   (and (info "loc/NO") (locale "NO"))

be sufficient (and easier)? Or, more likely, the argument selection for
calls like the one above will have taken place at a much earlier stage
(in this case typically from a GUI choice box).

Having said this, I must say there _is_ a mechanism with '*Rst' and
'*Msg', but it is rather limited. It is more intended for error recovery
than for error handling.

- Alex

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