Hi Alex,

At 09:00 +0200 19-05-08, Jon Kleiser wrote:
If I set up the input data for the getJSON call like this:

data = {Y: "Y-value", Z: 333};
data["*X"] = 111;

... then I can handle the request in Pico Lisp like this:

(de json ()
   (httpHead "text/plain; charset=utf-8")
   (ht:Out T
      (ht:Prin *JsonCallback
"({X:'" *X "', Y:'" (get 'Y 'http) "', Z:'" (get 'Z 'http) "'});") ) )

I just noticed that if e.g. my Y in the getJSON call contains a space, like "A B", it will turn up in Pico Lisp like "A+B". Is there a function available that I can use to do this decoding?


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