Hi Alex,

 > space, like "A B", it will turn up in Pico Lisp like "A+B". Is there

As a built-in function there is only 'ht:Pack', which is used e.g. in

But it just decodes hex patterns like "%20":

   : (ht:Pack (chop "A%20B%20C"))
   -> "A B C"

If you are only concerned about '+', you could do:

   : (pack (replace (chop "A+B+C") "+" " "))
   -> "A B C"

Does this help?

- Alex

Sorry, I don't think that's a good solution, because if my data from the browser contains a "+", it obviously gets encoded/decoded properly. I get the "+" in Pico Lisp. Therefor I cannot know whether a "+" in Pico Lisp originated as a "+" or a space. I think the plus-to-space decoding has to be done at the same time as the %xy decoding. Or ...


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