Hi Jon,

> properly. I get the "+" in Pico Lisp. Therefor I cannot know whether 
> a "+" in Pico Lisp originated as a "+" or a space. I think the 
> plus-to-space decoding has to be done at the same time as the %xy 
> decoding. Or ...

OK, I understand.

As the %xy decoding happens in 'ht:Pack', you could redefine it
somewhere in your program:

   (redef ht:Pack (Lst)
      (ht:Pack (replace Lst "+" " ")) )

Then you get:

   : (ht:Pack (chop "A+B%2BC%20D"))
   -> "A B+C D"

Strange, however, that spaces end up encoded as '+' in your case. This
happens usually only in query-strings (?).

- Alex

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