Hi Jon,

> I'll try to explain a little better. In Chinese Checkers there are pieces

I see. However, I still believe the problem results mainly because you
try to build the message from individual words. Probably because you
construct the messages at runtime.

> Here are the involved lines from my china/loc/no file:
> "Please move one of your " "Flytt en av dine egne "
> " pieces!" " brikker!"
> "My " "Min "
> " color has just completed." " farge har nå kommet i mål."

Wouldn't it be better to put only complete messages into the file?
Though your system probably works well with European languages

   "Please move one of your " + " pieces!"

   "Bitte bewegen Sie Ihre " + " Figuren!"

it will not work, for example, in Japanese, because then the "Pieces"
are at the beginning of the message.

The other possibility, using the 'text' function and placeholders,

   (let S "pieces"
      (text "Please move one of your @1!" S) )

also would not work in your case, because the same grammatical problems

So I think the only language-independent solution is to put the whole

   "Please move one of your pieces!"

into the translation file, and select from complete messages in your

Does anybody see a better solution?

- Alex

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