It all depends on what you are doing.

I recently tried implementing somthing I had working in Python into
Pico Lisp. This is a program which needs to do three things

1) read A file & extract blocks of text from it.
2) submit the blocks of text (one at a time) to another commandline program
3) parse the output of the program and produce a summary report.

I found this very frustrating to do in picolisp due to conflicing
requirements, basically boiling down to how the language implements

I have to come down to the conclusion that implementing strings as
sybmols was not a good design choice. I found myself moving freqently
packing and unpacking my strings. depending on weather I wanted to
print them or do somthing else to them.

I really thing that the strings should have simply been implemented as
lists of chars.

2008/7/4 Henrik Sarvell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

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