Hi Tomas,

> Do you mean redirecting stderr of the main picolisp process at the
> start from shell or is there a way of redirecting forked child

Yes. Usually, I do that for production applications anyway. But it will
log that noisy messages, too.

> processes, maybe with some trick like (out '/dev/null (in 2 (echo)))?

Unfortunately, this will not work.

You could do it on the C level, if you write a function 'out2' or so,
which does the necessary stdio file descriptor manipulations.

But I think this is too much trouble. I would just write a wrapper shell

   exec bcrypt "$@" 2>/dev/null

and call that from the Lisp 'bcrypt', or call a shell directly:

   (out (list 'sh "-c" (pack "bcrypt " F " 2>/dev/null))
      (prinl Salt)
      ... )

- Alex

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