Hi Alex,

app/ord.l:24-52 there is chart which allows to chage the order of the
rows.  Could you please explain how this works?

The app/er.l contains something like:

(class +Ord +Entity)
(rel nr  (+Need +Key +Number))
(rel pos (+List +Joint) ord (+Pos))

(class +Pos +Entity)
(rel ord (+Dep +Joint) (art) pos (+Ord))

What does +Dep and (art) mean and how does it work?  The only thing I
found is

> a +Dep prefix class controlling dependencies between other relations

in tut.html.

For example, I have:

(class +Cat +Entity)

(rel nr (+Need +Key +Number))
(rel nm (+Ref +String))
(rel it (+List +Joint) cat (+It))

(class +It +Entity)

(rel nr (+Need +Key +Number))
(rel nm (+Sn +Idx +String))
(rel cat (+List +Joint) it (+Cat))

     (gui '(+E/R +Chart) '(it : home obj) 3 '((This) (list NIL This NIL)) cadr)
     (<table> NIL NIL '((btn) NIL (btn))
        (do 6
           (<row> NIL
              (gui 1 '(+ChoButton) '(choIt (field 1)))
              (gui 2 '(+Obj +TextField) '(nm +It) 40)
              (gui 3 '(+DelRowButton))))
           (<row> NIL NIL (scroll 6)))

I would like to be able to reorder items +It in a category +Cat.

What else do I need to do except adding (gui 4 '(+BubbleButton)) ?

Is +Dep and (art) related to row reordering?

Thank you,


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