Hi Eugene,

> Hello Eugene :-) You are now subscribed **** Hi Guys,


> Whilst web browser interfacing is very useful for many situations, I
> really would prefer a richer alternative, like GTK Server (which is
> used by newLISP) - has anyone done anything along those lines?

Using gtk-server with picolisp is easy, have a look at
http://logand.com/gtk/ for simple examples.

Or, have a look at http://logand.com/mplisp/ which has a prototype FFI
wrapper for Gtk.  The prototype does not implement callbacks yet, but
as you are not the first one asking about this (see
it would probably be useful to complete the Gtk bindings.  Fancy

> BTW: I'm a PhD student working on research into Model Driven
> Software Engineering principles.  Although, I've prototyped some
> functionality with Python, LISP is a much better fit.  With Pilog
> and persistence, I'm hoping for an even better fit.

PicoLisp is great; you get lisp, persistence and prolog all built in.
And it is still lightweight so you can stay in touch with the
operating system and it's tools which is rather hard to do with for
example Common Lisp.



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