Hi Alex,

Thanks for the description of you setup.

>> I have one server only though and do not want to use picolisp
>> server exclusively on that server to serve all my web content.
> One possibility would be to either have Apache run on a different
> port, and modify "home.l" in such a way that all non-matching
> requests are sent there, or do the opposite and direct certain
> request to httpGate running on some other port (I don't know
> anything about configuring Apache).

It I use httpGate on port 80, I also lose all logging as done by
Apache, for example, and cannot use things like webalizer (web log
statistics tool) any more.

For now, I settled for nginx on port 80, serving static files and
proxying requests starting with ^/[0-9]+ to httpGate which redirects
by default to thttpd (for cgi scripts) and to picolisp apps otherwise.

> So I think there is no need for a second httpGate.

Oops, of course one httpGate is enough;-)

Isn't httpGate opening potential security hole "tunneling" through to
any port (greater then 1024 I think)?



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