Hi Konrad,

>  your response to Tomas's questions dosn't seem to have made it to the list.

This is strange. I did receive it back, and it appeared in the archive.
How can that be? Is it possible that it got lost in some spam filter?

> Most of the documentation I have seen seems to suggest that Sockets
> need to be put into non blocking mode explicitly, ie using select() is
> not sufficent. At a low level attempting to read from a nonblocking

Yes, I'm aware of that. The man page for select(2) says

   Under Linux, select() may report a socket file descriptor as "ready
   for reading", while nevertheless a subsequent read blocks. This could
   for example happen when data has arrived but upon examination has
   wrong checksum and is discarded. There may be other circumstances in
   which a file descriptor is spuriously reported as ready.

This is indeed be a k.o. criterion. I regarded this as a bug in Linux.
Don't know if this is still valid, and how the case is in other
operating systems.

> Is the picoLisp socket and task code allready setting sockets into non
> blocking mode?

Currently only for a short time during accept() (in the functions
'listen' and 'accept').

- Alex

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