I'm trying to output a nested list to text, see the (trace 'pipe)
output I copy pasted.

Why do you think there might be a bug in the kernel? Obviously
everything is working fine when we work in a non server context and as
far as I know the http server is not a part of the kernel?

Note also that my pipe xml combination is called after first calling
ht:Out for instance, here is the calling function:

(de readFeed ()
  (httpHead "text/plain; charset=utf-8")
  (let Feed (db 'xmlUrl '+Feed (get 'xmlUrl 'http))
     (ht:Out T
        (<div> 'feed_headline (ht:Prin (; Feed title)))
        (renderArticles (articlesByFeed> '+Rss Feed)))))

The pipe call in question is being made in articlesByFeed>, could
first calling httpHead and or ht:Out be a problem?


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