Hi all,

it seems that there is still another problem with 'pipe'. If I try:

   (out (tmp "a") (println (pipe (prinl "abc") (line T))))

Then "tmp/<pid>/a" should contain a single line with 'abc'. However, it
also contains another line with 'NIL'. So it looks like that 'pipe'
interferes with the output channel of the parent process.

I noticed this problem when I modified Tomas's 'prinLength1' function to

   (length (pipe (out NIL (prin X)) (line T)))

i.e. put in an artificial 'out', to repair the modified output from
'ht:Out'. Though 'prinLength1' now returned the correct value, the HTML
output still did not work properly.

Let me investigate this a little more during the next days.

- Alex

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