Hi Tomas,

> > Perhaps there are other/better solutions?
> Do you have anything on mind?

Unfortunately not. I just had the feeling there must be other ways ;-)
But perhaps using a cell is not such a bad idea ...

> Why 'zero', 'one', 'on', 'off' and 'onOff' don't evaluate arguments?
> ...
> which would kind of keep it uniform/consistent.  I don't think it
> would be a problem writing (zero 'A 'B) instead of (zero A B).

They are there for the same reason as, for example, 'setq'.

Sometimes non-evaluating functions are a little more convenient, and at
least theoretically more efficient.

(zero A) occupies two cells.

(zero 'A) would be three, and that's the same as (setq A 0), so it would
not save any space.

- Alex

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