Hi Henrik,

> I get something when using this: (? @A A (db a1 +Similarity @A @X) (show @X))


> Does that help in understanding why the original OR generator isn't working?

Hm, you didn't tell us yet what exactly is not working.

> > obviously not so we missed something, but what?
> What is the result? Does it return nothing at all?

If you have hits for your query in the 'a1' index of '+Similarity', and
some other hits in the 'a2' index of '+Similarity', then a search over
first 'a1' and then 'a2'

   ((a1 +Similarity @A  a2 +Similarity @A))

should give more results than just searching 'a1'

   ((a1 +Similarity @A))

This is equivalent to

   (append (collect 'a1 '+Similarity A) (collect 'a2 '+Similarity A))

instead of just

   (collect 'a1 '+Similarity A)

Is this not the case?

- Alex

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