Hi Alex,

>> >>      (for (N *ContLen (gt0 N))
>> >>         (dec 'N (size (link (char)))) ) )
> Hmm, sorry, this also seems not to work :-(
> The problem is that (char) does a single-character look-ahead, so it
> will also hang.

I just found it too, it hangs on the last char:-(

> At the moment I see no way how to do it on the Lisp level,
> i.e. without writing a C-function, and without completely changing
> the parsing strategy of the server.
> Any other ideas?

What about using 'peek' on the last char?

I was thinking about rewriting the server, I already wrote a prototype
asynchronous http server but I have only the reading part non-blocking
and not the writing part yet.  I do not want to spend too much time on
it right now.

A C function 'char1' might be fastest fix probably.



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