Hi Tomas,

> Are you happy with it like that and would it be possible to put it in
> the release?

Hmm, sorry. I appreciate your improvements, but I don't want to
diversify the server too much. It is intended as an application server
after all (as opposed to a general purpose web server), and should be as
lightweight as possible. Besides this, I'm using it in too many
installations currently to risk it.

I think it is better to maintain specialized versions as needed.

The POST problem I'd like to fix, though, as the bug now also surfaced
for normal browsers (and not only jQuery), But then not with this inline
loop via 'make', 'char' and 'peek'. This part is quite time-critical,
used heavily during Ajax posts, so that a C function should be written.

Let me investigate a solution like (ht:Read *ContLen), returning a
single-char-line for a given number of bytes.

- Alex

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